Uncle Alan’s Apple and Peach Delight

Fall screams apples, but not always peaches.  Except this girl, apple and peach flavor together take me back home.  This cocktail evolved from serious inspiration.  Okay, close your eyes…..wait, that won’t work……okay keep your eyes open.  Now, try to imagine the smells, the taste, the happiness.  You walk into my family’s apple barn.  Your senses are immediately bombarded with the smells of apples, apple cider donuts, baked treats, and caramel in a heating well.  You immediately feel happy, hungry, and in love.  Now, do you see an apple cider slushie maker in the corner?  What, you don’t?  Well, you may be missing out.  Now imagine a tall glass of apple cider slushie, and your uncle is pouring copious amounts of peach schnapps in that cup.  Yup, my uncle knows how to make a family happy.  Come enjoy this Apple and Peach Delight with my uncle and myself!

Uncle Alan's Apple and Peach Delight

My parents are coming to visit the end of this month.  My first request?  Please bring me tons of apple love from the apple barn.  I won’t get the slushie this time around.  BUT I will be enjoying the cider, cider donuts, apple chips, variety of apples, and my aunt’s homemade jams.  Nothing screams Fall like the first bit of an apple cider donut, or sip of apple cider.

Uncle Alan's Apple and Peach Delight

Last December when I was home in Michigan for a short trip.  My Uncle stopped by the night before we headed back home to North Carolina.  He had apple cider slushies in tow, along with a large bottle of bourbon, and peach schnapps.  My uncle plops down all the delicious liquid, and well I may or may not have had WAY too much cider and booze.  I never thought to add peach schnapps to my cider, but my uncle knows best.  It is a holy wow perfect mix of flavors.  It only seemed fair to name this lovely drink after my wonderful Uncle!

Uncle Alan's Apple and Peach Delight

Did you catch my Apple and Cherry Cocktail I shared last Saturday?  Well just like the Apple and Cherry Cocktail, this Apple and Peach Delight is pretty sweet.  It really does feel like you are drinking juice, even with the splash of brandy.

If you are ever in Michigan by the the Tri-Cities.  Make a pit stop in Freeland (my hometown) and check out Leamean’s Green Applebarn….and tell them Terra sent ya!

This month, I decided it would be fun to share one apple recipe and one squash recipe each week.  So this a perfect kick-off to my apple and squash fun in October.

Uncle Alan's Apple and Peach Delight

Yields 2

Uncle Alan's Apple and Peach Delight

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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6 shots (12 oz) Apple Cider
3 Shots (6 oz) Peach Schnapps
Splash of Brandy (about 1/4 to 1/2 a shot)


In a shaker (or jar with lid) mix ingredients with ice.

Pour drink into each glass without the ice.

(Optional) Garnish with apple slices and peach slices.



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  • Meghan {ButtercreamBlondie}

    Stop it!! Anyone who stops by with apple cider slushies, peach schnapps & bourbon is a genius and always welcome! Love this drink! Cheers, friend!

  • Spple cider slushies! I want to try that too. One of my friend moved here from Bay Area to the East coast and saw pictures of them going to apple picking! I was so jealous! Sounds like it’s a very common thing to do…and apples must be so delicious. I would love to have homemade apple jams and apple ciders! And this is my first time seeing apple and peach together – sounds really delicious!

  • The drink looks delightful!

  • Hotly Spiced

    How lovely that you still have peaches available. This drink is a lovely combination of flavours. It’s great your parents will be bringing you so many fresh apples xx

  • Beautiful drink! I am definitely trying this in the Summer 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  • Tutti Dolci

    What a delight indeed, this is the prettiest cocktail!