“Southern Style” Collard Greens Pesto

When you live in the South you find A LOT of collard greens…AND collard green recipes.  If you have not tried collard greens yet, they are not far off from what kale or mustard greens taste like.  Most people enjoy collard greens cooked to take out the bitterness that can be detected.  This pesto gives you a fun way to try or enjoy a delicious “Super Food!”  Collard greens are full of antioxidants and so many vitamins and minerals, then add extra virgin olive oil, herbs and pecans, and you have a healthy pesto recipe option.  Who wants some Collard Greens Pesto added to their pasta?

"Southern Style" Collard Greens Pesto

This might be one recipe that I will enjoy making a lot when the farmer’s markets open back up.  Collard greens are easy to find, cheaper, and perfect in this recipe!  I still have a ton of Gourmet Gardens Fresh Herb Pastes.  I love Gourmet Gardens herb pastes, but really love their lightly dried fresh herbs.  The lightly dried fresh herbs were a perfect flavor addition for the collard greens.  With the spice from the chile peppers, and the addition of toasted pecans, each bite has a nutty, earthy flavor.

"Southern Style" Collard Greens Pesto

"Southern Style" Collard Greens Pesto

15 minPrep Time

15 minTotal Time

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About 2 lbs of Collard Greens (one large bunch,) remove leaves from stems
1/2 cup chopped pecans, toasted
1 Tbsp Gourmet Gardens lightly dried basil
1 Tbsp Gourmet Gardens lightly dried parsley
1 Tbsp Gourmet Gardens lightly dried chile peppers
1 to 1 1/2 cups extra virgin olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste


To prepare collard greens, rinse off leaves, remove the leaves from the stems and break them up into large pieces.

In small sauce pan, burner set to medium-low, toast chopped pecans for about 1-2 minutes.

In food processor, add collard greens leaves to food processor and chop them up, add herbs and pecans and mix together well. Start mixing while adding extra virgin olive oil, let the olive oil bring the ingredients together into a paste, add salt and pepper to taste.



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