Recipes and Romance (My Second Romance Book is Published!)

Have you ever read a romance book that also shares recipes?  There are actually more authors out there than you would think who share recipes AND romance.  I first discovered this marrying of two worlds from Barbara O’Neal.  She has a fabulous book called, “How to Bake a Perfect Life: A Novel.”  The book shares some pretty delicious bread recipes in detail.  Fabulous, right?  So, it only seemed fitting for me to include recipes in my romance books.  When I decided to finally set free the many stories swirling around in my head,  I started writing and immediately shared food love in the stories.  Food is just a part of me, and bringing my love of romance and food together makes me beyond happy.

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My first book, “Catch Me,” shared five recipes made by the characters.  For book two, “Need You,” there are six recipes made at the cafe “Lexie Eats!”  The cafe has a brick oven for homemade pizza, barbecue pit for wood-smoked meats, and their very own pastry chef.  Each recipe in the book was tested and devoured.

I know my blog has been silent for a few weeks, but I promise there was food made in my kitchen just for you.  Writing romance and making recipes is a pretty fun gig in my book.  If you want to know more about my writing adventure, you can follow along at my Terra Kelly website here.

Here are images of the six recipes shared in book two, “Need You:”

Brisket Chili 1a

Wood-Smoked Beef Brisket Chili

brisket pizza 2a

Wood-Smoked Beef Brisket Mac n’Cheese Pizza


Pulled Pork Mac n’Cheese

pork shoulder pizza

Wood-Smoked Pork Shoulder, Arugula, and Mushroom Pizza

strawberry cheese danish 1a

Lexie’s Favorite Strawberry Cheese Danish

apple pumpkin strudel 1a

Aunt Anna’s Special Apple Pumpkin Strudel

I have my calendar filling up with fun food love coming your way.  One important event- I will be hosting a Recipe Book Blog Tour with several fabulous food bloggers.  So mark your calendars, the week of April 12th will be filled with so much food love.  The recipes we will be sharing will be from both my romance books, “Catch Me” and “Need You.”

If you want to just enjoy the recipes or also read the books, here are the links to each book:  Book One: Catch Me, Book Two: Need You.

I am currently writing book three, and it will be available in June 2015.  The recipes that will be shared in book three will be full of seafood love!

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