Top 10 Apple Recipes on CafeTerraBlog!

Hey there, boy do I have a treat for you today.  When I think of Fall, I think of apples.  I miss my families applebarn and loading up on their goodies.  So to make up for not taking the trips to their applebarn, I devour delicious apple treats at home.  Next week we will enjoy a recipe that will include a special apple butter made at Leaman’s Green Applebarn.  To say it’s amazing is putting it mildly-  BUT first, let’s look back at all the different apple recipes I have shared here on CafeTerraBlog.  Grab your fork and spoon, and get ready to drool.



10. Apple Cider Pecan Cookies

Apple Cider Pecan Cookies

9. Apple Pie Snack Cake 

Apple Pie Snack Cake

8. Apple Cardamom Dessert Pizza

Apple Cardamom Dessert Pizza

7. Apple Bread Pudding (Non-Traditional)

Apple Bread Pudding (Non-Traditional)

6. Sweet Apple Cherry Cocktail

Sweet Apple Cherry Cocktail

5. Grilled Apple Dutch Baby

Grilled Apple Dutch Baby

4. Boozy Apple Cider Cake

Boozy Apple Cider Cake

3. Uncle Alan’s Apple and Peach Delight

Uncle Alan's Apple and Peach Delight

2. Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean Crust

Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean Crust

1. Homemade Apple Pie Cocktail

Homemade Apple Pie Cocktail

 Now it’s time to create more apple happiness in my kitchen.  Next week I will share a recipe that includes that fab apple butter I told you about.  Plus, I may need to add another cocktail to the list.  Until the next recipe, let’s enjoy my favorite treats from Leaman’s Green Applebarn!

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  • kitchenriffs
    Yup, fall is apple time. I'm having one every morning for breakfast! Need to make some of these goodies and have that instead. :-)