Cherry Wine Limeade Spritzer

Okay, okay, yes, where is the pool in this picture? We do need some green trees, chaise lounge and that pool with this fun drink. So just close your eyes and take a sip of this Cherry Wine Limeade Spritzer while imagining all those lovely Summer images. Wait, close your eyes after you have picked up the wine glass- I don’t want to be blamed for red wine on the pretty carpet.

All joking aside, this drink is seriously so easy to make. It was one of those posts you think, do I put it up on my website or not? Since I know not everyone is graced with the amazing Michigan cherry wine, it was a must to post. The cherry wine is pretty sweet, and I know some cannot handle that intense sweet flavor. Adding the club soda and lime juice tapered down the intense sweetness, and in the end made it that perfect Summer drink. Who wants a tall glass of Cherry Wine Limeade Spritzer?

Cherry Wine Limeade Spritzer

Last weekend we finalized the last finishing touches on my pretty new site. If you are here today, sit back, enjoy a cocktail on me, then fall in love with my new site that Moonlight Website Design and Easton Place Designs worked hard to create. I can’t thank them both enough for all their hard work, it means so much. Plus, I made my author website, Terra Kelly, all prettified yesterday. It had to be done since CafeTerraBlog looked so good. So, there ya go, that’s why we needed a cocktail today: to celebrate.

Now, how do you make this easy-peasy cocktail? Add about 1/2 cup club soda for some fun carbonation, 2 Tbsp lime juice for some tartness on the palette, and 1 cup cherry wine. That’s it. Adjust the measurements to your liking and then run out and rest on that gorgeous chaise lounge.

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