Let’s Celebrate with a Few Cocktails!

It’s no secret that food is my first love, but books are a very close second. For over six years CafeTerraBlog has been gracing you with fun, unique recipes. Now, you get to enjoy the books I write, all while sampling some of your favorite recipes. The the new layout of CafeTerraBlog makes it easier for you to click on a special treat you may be craving, and grab the desired link to download your next hot read. Bringing my two worlds together makes life so much easier for me, and admit it, you love this new adventure, too. So, who’s ready to celebrate with me?

Let’s pour a couple glasses full of Summer Berry Pie Cocktail for the occasion!

Summer Berry Pie Cocktail

So, what’s the big celebration about? I just released my fifth book March 29th. Hannah’s Story: A Second Chance, is a stand alone and will pull at your heartstrings. Just like all my books you will find tons of food love throughout the story. There are three recipes I may need to make now because of this book. That was the other reason I merged my two worlds, so we can create the recipes discussed on each page. For Hannah’s Story we will need see what those cinnamon rolls were all about, or what the Betty’s Breakfast Burrito really contained. Food, it always brings people together!

Chocolate Pecan Biscotti with your coffee or tea?


The main character, Hannah, loves tea, coffee, and throws in some wine here and there, too. I’m thinking about making a few recipes with tea, wine, and coffee love. I’m really excited to have my worlds merged for you, and I hope you find a few more things to fall in love with while visiting.

Here is the synopsis for Hannah’s Story: A Second Chance: 

Looking back one last time at the home that used to hold everything she loved, Hannah Blaine turned back towards the road. Her lucky cowboy boots made impressions in the dirt path with each step. After 15 years with the only man she ever loved, it was time to go back home to Louisville. She hoped heading back to where her life began would help ease the pain from that horrific day. Hannah’s heart was, and always would be, with her husband.

Hollis Ackers could care less about women. Hell, he didn’t care about anyone. When his mother, the only woman he ever loved, died, he became numb inside. Motorcycles became his life, and the Louisville Biker Group was the perfect stand-in family.

When miss country-girl-in-her-cute-ass-cowboy-boots spills coffee on him it shouldn’t mean a thing. Or will it?

When two people who lost the will to love meet, what will happen? Can new love really heal all the pain?

You can grab this inspirational book on all platforms: Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and more …

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  • That Summer Berry Pie Cocktail looks soooooo good!
  • kitchenriffs
    Celebrating with cocktails is always a good idea. :-) Congrats on the new book! Hope you sell a ton!