Smithfield DURoC Pork Tasting Event #RockTheDURoC

Last week here in Charlotte, North Carolina there was a special pork tasting event with Smithfield Farmland and City Smoke restaurant. There were servers walking around holding special trays filled with many different menu options displaying the DURoC pork. Just to give you an example: imagine holding in your grasp a bite-size piece of pork belly covered in béarnaise sauce. Yes, you read that right. Let me just say … wow. The flavors were perfect together with the sweet and savory hitting the palette.

So, let’s step back for a moment and discuss DURoC pork. I’m sure many of you are curious what makes this cut of meat so special. The way the story goes, DURoC hogs date all the way back to Christopher Columbus. It’s actually a bloodline that was kept intact for centuries. The DURoC hog is said to be a remarkable red color and have genetic superiority. The actual name DURoC evolved because of a farmer who purchased the special hogs- his prize winning horse on the farm was named Duroc, so the hog breed was named after him. Today, Smithfield uses the sire line that is 100% DURoC, it is the highest quality and most flavorful pork product available.

Now, let’s check out some of the many variations served that delicious night.

menu 6a

Grilled Bone-in DURoC Porterhouse

bone in DURoc 2a

Chef Adam’s Award Winning Carnitas

DURoC tacos 1a

Rubbed DURoC St. Louis Style Ribs

ribs DURoC 3a

Herb-Roasted DURoC Pork Tenderloin Slider

slider 5a

Crisp Bacon Pecan Pie

pie DURoC 4a

Then to wash all of this amazing food down, Raspberry Mojito!

cocktails 7a

The flavors alone were superb. The pork was full of flavor, juicy, and complimented even the best dessert (Crisp Bacon Pecan Pie). It was wonderful having the opportunity to talk with Smithfield’s chef, along with meeting many new people during this delicious night. Thank you to Hannah from Foodmix Marketing Communications for the opportunity.

If you’re planning a BBQ or fun Summer event, don’t forget to grab some Smithfield DURoC pork. You will have everyone begging for more, but caution, you could be expected to host more of those amazing parties in the future.

signature 1

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to attend the Smithfield Chef’s Table event at City Smoke; all the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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