Now We’re A Lifestyle Blog – Focusing On BBQ!

Are you scratching your head at this title? We still are, too. Here it is in a nutshell: I’m joining forces with my partner in crime, my husband. It gets lonely creating recipes. Well, it does for me, anyways. Plus, a majority of the time we’re creating recipes together, and you can find those collaborations in the recipe index. Are you still saying, “BUT … a lifestyle blog?”

Yup, you’re reading that correctly, I promise. We plan to start sharing more travel writing experiences. Now, in the beginning the travel fun will be more localized, sharing some of the special areas of North and South Carolina. We want to start off slow and then build it up.

A lifestyle blog gives us the ability to share more than just food in our posts, which makes us happy. We still plan on keeping a focus to our blog posts, and having a theme. What’s that theme? BBQ and Grilling!

If you have been following Cafe Terra for awhile, you know how much we love to grill. Check out our Grilling Pinterest Board for some fun recipe ideas.

Grilled Pasta and Vegetables

Pulled Pork Mac n' Cheese

Important Notes:

Brian and I are actually working on a secret project together. When everything is finalized we will be running two websites together and sharing all our talents in each site. The secret project will eventually be linked up here to give you all an option to check it out. It’s all very exciting!

When Brian and I are not working, we have found we love to restore antiques as our way to unwind. Since restoration is not BBQ or grilling, we will share images of the restored antiques in some of the posts. We have found that some of our fans really love seeing the before and after of our projects.

I will posting a survey in the next few days. We really want to know what are readers would like to see for the future of Cafe Terra.

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  • Well, this sounds like fun!!! Congratulations you two! Looking forward to seeing your new direction.