November 16, 2011 · 1 comment

I have had something nagging my insides for awhile.  Saturday night what was nagging me, finally surfaced.  I said to my husband, “I think I have went back to my old ways, who I was before my yoga journey started.”  My husband was honest, as I asked him to be, and said not completely, but yes you are back to your old ways. Hearing my husband say that, well, it made me evaluate me, and my life.

I now know how very important yoga and meditation are in my life personally. What is the next step?  Well that is not an easy question, it will be a habit change for sure.  My first step I decided, listen to the audio book that changed my life.  I need to listen to Eat, Pray, Love again.  Remind me of where I what to be in my life. Second, I have started my yoga blog back up to share what makes me happy in life with all of you!

Moving Only Forward

Moving Only Forward is not the only other blog/website that I contribute too. I also contribute to QCExclusive, a magazine and website in Charlotte helping people live the good life in Charlotte. You can check out all of my food contributions here.


  • Dedy Oktavianus Pardede

    great blog, great recipes withing great photograph!

    keep up your good work !