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Have you been wondering how to calibrate a thermometer at home? Or what is the proper minimum internal temperature you should cook chicken? What about storage, how should you store your food in the refrigerator to prevent cross contamination?

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How should your really store butter, in a refrigerator, or at room temperature?

Question from Marnely – What a great idea! I’m sure we will all learn so much here! My first question, butter. I’ve stored it out (in cooler temperatures), as well as buttercream (for less than a week). So my question is about butter. Anything I should know?

Answer –

Butter is interesting, because our families always left it out in a butter dishes for days.  One thing I discovered when testing the waters with butter at room temperature, about 4-5 days is the max it should be out at room temp.  Butter will start to have an off flavor, and become rancid.  When looking more into this, the best suggestion for keeping butter fresh, and for longer period of time, cover the butter, and refrigerate. If you want to keep it out, only keep it out for about 2-3 days at max.  I hope this helps?

How should you properly clean a melon?

Cleaning a Melon properly!