My Kitchen Bucket List

Here is my Kitchen Bucket list!  I decided life is too short, it is time to make all the fun dishes that I have been dreaming about!

When I list each item, they will be in no particular order.   I will just share a new thing as it pops in my head!

1.  French Macarons

2.  Pavlova

3.  Caramel candy – Done (Homemade Salted Caramels December 2012)

4.  Canning – Almost Done (Refrigerator Canned Pickles September 2012)

5.  Homemade almond milk

6.  Rabbit stew – Done (Made and Posted in Queen City Exclusive Magazine)

7.  Alligator and venison jerky

8.  Cheese Souffle’

9.  Tiramisu

10.  Puff Pastry

11.  Fondant

12.  Croissant Rolls

13.  Profiteroles 

14. Mardi Gras King Cake