Pumpkin Strudel Bundt Cake

December 7, 2015

Some of you are still baking with pumpkin, right?  Heck, I bake with pumpkin all year long.  So when my mother-in-law made this treat during Thanksgiving, I had to share.  The crunchy, nutty, sugary strudel top makes this cake a winner in my book-  BUT the runner up is the brown sugary layer in the center […]

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Sponsored Post – Rioja Wine Perfectly Paired For the Holidays

November 23, 2015

Wine with Thanksgiving dinner, perfect.  This post will share how well Rioja wine pairs with your turkey dinner.  Plus, you will get to enjoy a fabulous turkey recipe complimenting that delicious glass of wine.  Are you curious to how this type of wine pairs so well with your holiday dinner?  Rioja wine uses the Tempranillo […]

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Pulled Pork Calzone #EasyRecipes

November 5, 2015

This recipe is simple, yet so delicious!  Pizza dough full of flavor, slow cooked pulled pork, veggies, cheese and serious butter love… Perfect!  Why wouldn’t I share the recipe, right?  Hubby and I try to make something special during the weekends.  Since the weather is cooler, it gets a little trickier to use our outside […]

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Amaretto Apple Cranberry Scones

October 31, 2015

Cranberries are finally on the shelves here in North Carolina and this girl is jumping up and down.  If you like apple cranberry juice, then you will understand why apple cranberry scones will become your new favorite treat.  These scones scream Fall in a serious way with each bite you take.  For the main ingredient […]

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Brandied Apple Pumpkin Bread

October 15, 2015

This post will gear towards those with a crazy busy schedule.  With this simple recipe, I dressed up a pumpkin bread mix and now it feels like it was made from scratch.  With the diced apple and brandied apple butter, the bread will be very soft.  The simple crumble on top will give another element of […]

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Top 10 Apple Recipes on CafeTerraBlog!

October 6, 2015

Hey there, boy do I have a treat for you today.  When I think of Fall, I think of apples.  I miss my families applebarn and loading up on their goodies.  So to make up for not taking the trips to their applebarn, I devour delicious apple treats at home.  Next week we will enjoy […]

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Writer’s Block Coffee Cooler

September 23, 2015

I’m Back!  Did you miss me?  This post will end up sharing a lot of information, so sit back, relax- and grab a cocktail.  Today we have a boozy coffee drink, which was originally named Afternoon Coffee Delight.  We agreed that was not an appropriate name for this post.  Now, Writer’s Block Coffee Cooler… Perfect. […]

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