Strawberry Chocolate Breakfast Muffins + A Fun Blog Addition

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening!  Wherever you are, a breakfast muffin is a perfect treat really anytime of the day!  I shared this fun treat over at the lovely Bakeaholic Mama’s beautiful blog!  I was trying to decide what to shmear on the muffin this morning….yes I just said “shmear”….and […] Read more

Homemade Rosemary & Parmesan Crackers – {Kinda Gluten Free….}

Okay, confession time!  This recipe comes from a lovely gluten free recipe book.  The book shares recipes using almond flour, it is really fantastic!  That being said, I seriously ran out of almond flour for the cracker recipe….BLURGH!!!! Soooooo….Why Terra is it “Kinda Gluten Free?”  Wellllllll…because I will share the […] Read more

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