Magical Munchies For Muggles – Harry Potter Themed Blog Pt.2

“Alohomora-Descendo-Engorgio-Episkey-Evanesco-Expecto Patronum-Expelliarmus-Impedimenta-Imperio-Levicorpus-Locomotor-Lumos-Muffliato-Obliviate-Petrificus Totalus-Protego-Reducio-Stupefy………” So who can remember what all these spells do? I was able to pronounce them perfectly, and found myself trying to sound like how everyone on the movie would say them…. You do remember I admitted to being a Harry Potter nerd right?  I seem to be […] Read more

Magical Munchies For Muggles – My Harry Potter Themed Blog! Pt 1

Actually I have to say, if I had the choice, I would love to be a witch.  I mean seriously, having the option to turn someone into a ferret….Like Mad Eye Moody (Actually Bartemus Crouch) did to Draco in Book 4, The Goblet of Fire….that would be awesome!!! Who wants […] Read more

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