New Year’s Celebration with Broccolini Mandarin Pizza & Peach Bellini #DoleRose

Every celebration should include pizza and a cocktail, right?  This New Year’s Eve grab some Dole Packaged Foods and add them to your recipes, they make a perfect addiction.  This Broccolini Mandarin Pizza includes both sweet and savory flavors, such a perfect combination.  To wash that pizza down, grab that […] Read more

Sponsored Post – Rioja Wine Perfectly Paired For the Holidays

Wine with Thanksgiving dinner, perfect.  This post will share how well Rioja wine pairs with your turkey dinner.  Plus, you will get to enjoy a fabulous turkey recipe complimenting that delicious glass of wine.  Are you curious to how this type of wine pairs so well with your holiday dinner? […] Read more

Pulled Pork Calzone #EasyRecipes

This recipe is simple, yet so delicious!  Pizza dough full of flavor, slow cooked pulled pork, veggies, cheese and serious butter love… Perfect!  Why wouldn’t I share the recipe, right?  Hubby and I try to make something special during the weekends.  Since the weather is cooler, it gets a little […] Read more

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