It’s a Tapas Party!!! {Quinoa Bites AND French Friday’s with Dorie}

OR it could be a hors-d’œuvre party!  There are two dishes for you to enjoy in this fun blog.  A French dish, for the French Friday’s with Dorie community.  AND a fun Spanish dish, just because creating new dishes is fun. This week for French Friday’s with Dorie we made, […] Read more

Top 3 in Chef2Chef recipe Challenge!

Good Morning/Afternoon/or Evening!!!!  I am so excited to share with you my wonderful news….  Are you ready? WELL, I never win anything, seriously!  Then the other day my dear friend Lindsay from DesignerWife sent me a message.  She said, “You won something on KludgyMom’s Back to Blogging Challenge.”  Of course […] Read more

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